2023 Centerstage Robot – Queso

23350 Microchips & Queso

License Plate

Queso was our team’s first competition robot. This robot went through many iterations and each major subsystem was changed throughout the season.

At League Meet 1 we were able to score the purple pixel and hang from the truss with the use of a linear actuator. This gave us a strong autonomous and end game that helped us win the meet!

The robot used a fixed claw so was able to cycle pixels quickly, but not score on the backdrop. We added two 4-stage Viper slides and a claw that could hold two pixels and release them one at a time.

The slides didn’t leave space for the linear actuator so we 3D printed a hook on the slides and this worked great for hanging from the truss. Now that we could score on the backdrop we programmed a consistent 50 point auto.

Central NERD League Tournament

At NERD League Championship we went 4-1 in qualification. We were the Winning alliance first team selected, and won the Think Award and 3rd Place Inspire.

Central Texas Area Championship

Before Texas Central Area Championships we added motor covers and side plates “dripping with cheese.”

We were ranked 1st in Edison Division with a record of 5-0 after qualification. In playoffs were the Finalist Alliance captain and we won 2nd Place Design out of 48 teams!

Texas State Championship

Prior to the Texas State Championships we added aluminum bumpers to the outside of the robot and slimmed down Queso’s size to accommodate the new part.

We were ranked 2nd in the Johnson Division with a record of 5-1 after qualification matches. We were the Johnson Division Winning Alliance Captain! We won 1st Place Design award out of 72 teams! In playoffs we were the Finalist Alliance Captain.

World Championship

We attended the 2024 FIRST World Championship in Houston, TX. We were in the Jemison division that had a total of 56 teams.

In qualifications over three days we won 7 matches and lost 3. Our robot performed great! We were even able to win a match basically solo after our alliance partner disconnected at the beginning of autonomous.

We were not chosen for elimination matches, but were very happy to cheer on other teams through the eliminations and finals.

We won 3rd Place Design Award out of 56 teams!

What a magical season!

Summer 2023 – Yeeter Bot!

It’s been an exciting summer for our rookie team.

Before kickoff we spent the summer building a robot that would be able to pickup wiffle balls and throw them outside the field. This effort produced the Yeeter Bot!

This robot was based on a goBILDA mecanum strafer kit for a drivetrain. Thee was a plastic tubing intake that would pull wiffle balls up a ramp and into connection with two rotating wheels that would propel the balls up a second ramp at an angle to leave the field.

This project was a lot of fun and we learned a lot! It was great learning how to work as a team!

We can’t wait to see what kind of robot we will build for the 2023 season!


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