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Microchips & Queso is community robotics team participating in the FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics competition. Our team is based in San Antonio, TX and supported by San Antonio Homeschool Robotics 501(c)(3).

Our first season we advanced to the FIRST World Championship!

Be a part of the 2024-2025 season. Click “Plan for Next Season” for more information!

Plan for Next Season

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First Tech Challenge

Each September FIRST releases a new game challenge for the school year. Teams have about 6 weeks to build a robot to meet the game’s requirements. After the robot is built, teams strategize game play and cooperate with other teams at FTC meets to score points during the competition and team judging.

In 2005 FIRST Tech Challenge is introduced as pilot to provide a more accessible FIRST experience. 

9,600+ students in 800+ teams competed in Texas.

70,400+ students in 53 countries developed STEM skills, practiced engineering principles, and worked as a FTC Team in 2022.

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Sponsor Us

Support STEAM students in San Antonio, TX.

Partner with Microchips & Queso to inspire and educate young people to be leaders and innovators in science, technology, engineering, art, and math through FIRST robotics competitions.

We are 501(c)(3) nonprofit as “San Antonio Homeschool Robotics”

Help us pay for robot parts or give in-kind donations

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Gracious Professionalism

Gracious Professionalism is part of the ethos of FIRST. It’s a way of doing things that encourages high-quality work and respecting others.

Engineering Process

The engineering design process is a series of steps that engineers follow to find a solution to a problem.

Team Work

FTC is a varsity team sport and each team member must work together for the team to learn and compete.


Building a robot in only a few weeks requires ingenuity and creativity using manufacturing principles.

What We Do

It’s more than robots!

Our team participates in activities that reach beyond designing and building robots.


Understand the rules and objectives of the current season’s game by reading and memorizing the game manual.

Design and build a robot that will score maximum points within the rules.

Communicate and work with other teams as part of a two-team alliance at robotics meets.


Robot parts are expensive! We partner with sponsors who help us afford purchasing hardware and tools we use to build our ideas.


We connect with professional engineers working in the industry to learn about opportunities that are available for the future.

We also share the vision of FIRST with other students through demonstrations and workshops.

2024 – 2025 FTC Game

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