💥 An Extraordinary Mini Season


Competition, General

Microchips and Queso’s Coach Daniel challenged the team to build a Yeeter Robot in three weeks. 

Why the challenge? 

MQ is a rookie team that has never built a full robot using industrial parts. Completing a mini season in August gives the students confidence to build a complete robot from start to finish. 

The Rules of the Mini Season 

Goal: Build a Yeeter Robot that shoots wiffle balls over the field wall. 

Deadline: Complete Yeeter Robot in three weeks. 


📊 Design the robot using Onshape. 

🏗 Build the robot following the CAD design in Onshape. 

🎮 Program the robot’s motors and control pad. 

What did the team learn? 

📊 The designers learned how to fit GoBuilda parts together using Onshape software system.  

🏗 The builders spent 6 hours outside of regular practice time to build the robot. They learned how to read the CAD design and how to iterate when the intake material didn’t work. 

🎮 Programmers learned how to program the motors and control pad before the robot was finished being built. The programmers only had to install the code once the robot was ready. 

With only 1 day to spare Microchips and Queso completed the challenge! 

The team competed in an exciting driving contest to see how many wiffle balls could be yeeted over the field wall in two minutes. 

The drivers adjusted their game play to pick up a wiffle ball, hold it in the intake, and then drive to the edge of the field before using the fly wheels to shoot the ball out. 

What’s Next? 

The new challenge called Centerstage has been released!

The team will build a robot that picks up 3 inch hexagon shaped pixels and place them on a slanted backboard, while going under a complicated gate system in the center of the field. Then the robot gets extra points for shooting a paper airplane called a “drone” into a specified area. The robot also gets extra points if the bot can hang from the gate.

The Centerstage challenge will stretch our new skills gained in our mini season!

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