Centerstage is Here!



Centerstage, the new FIRST Tech Challenge for the 2023-2024 is happening now!

Each team has only a few weeks to build a robot that fits within an 18″ cubed box with the ability to pick up 3 inch hexagons called pixels, drive through a complicated rigging system, and place the pixels on a backdrop that is leaning back 30 degrees.

During the endgame portion of the match teams may shoot a paper airplane called a drone for extra points or hang the robot from the rigging.

Each match lasts 2 minutes and 30 seconds which includes an autonomous time of 30 seconds and 2 minutes of time where the robot is controlled by the drivers.

Kick Off Event

A few of our team members attended a citywide gathering off all the FTC robotics teams to watch the announcement video together and see the field in person.

It will be exciting to see how teams adapt game strategies to find the most effective way to score the highest points.

The reveal video below explains the Centerstage Challenge.

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