Centerstage: League Meet 2


Competition, General

🤖 Expect the unexpected!

The team is ready to compete!

Two competitive robotics meets down, two to go! We didn’t hit all of our goals, but we still ended up ranked second in our league.

Robotics meets are a lot of fun and the day flies by so fast.

We learned:

🎮 Don’t forget your controllers!

🎯 How to handle new situations in the game.

✋ How to coordinate with our alliance partners.

🍬 Candy at your pit is always a good idea!

Thankfully, we have Christmas break to work on iterating and updating our robot!

Annabelle and Roman waiting for the match to start.

Julian is advertising the candy and games at our pit!

JSTEM Lightning Bolts completing our puzzle challenge.

Coach Daniel, Coach Austin, and Mrs. Ginger completing their own mosaic! 😆

Good job Ethan and Roman! Look at our robot hang!

A member of the JSTEM Lightning Bolts interviewing our team.

Phew! It was a long Saturday!

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